Your strategic partner

Paper and fabric have been our working tools since 1923. We know how to transform them in the best way possible to create packaging that contains our customers’ products with care, immediately enhancing their value and distinctive features.

We don’t want to be just executors for the companies we work with, but partners with extensive market experience, who can be trusted to elevate their high quality products with worthy packaging.

Craftsman’s experience and creativity

Our products are able to satisfy a variety of different needs, from packaging intended for the sale of products, to e-commerce and retail markets.

We love taking care of each project from start to finish: those who wish to, can turn to us with confidence, knowing that they will find many creative ideas and the technical ability to implement them.


Environmental protection

We choose every day to use resources that allow us to reduce the environmental impact of our production center.


The value of people

Our people are invaluable resources for us: for this reason we try to enhance the unique characteristics of each person we come into contact with and pay particular attention to the issues of inclusiveness. For us it is essential to create positive relationships between colleagues, our customers and all the people with whom we collaborate.