The sustainability that we want

We sink our roots in the earth and, at Asticarta, we are deeply tied to the territory we come from. This is why we try to reduce the exploitation of resources and keep intact the beauty of the territory.

In addition to the ISO:14001 Certification, we worked hard to obtain the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certification, a voluntary certification that certifies the origin of the products we use every day from responsibly managed forests.
We can provide a guarantee that we and our partners do not use substances on the R.E.A.C.H. list


We use clean energy

We believe that using energy produced from zero-impact renewable sources as much as possible is essential to protecting the environment, and this is why we work with suppliers who guarantee electric production only from renewable sources. We also use a LED lighting system that allows us to reduce our lighting kW needs by 67.5% every year. This initiative has LifeGate as a partner, which works to improve the environmental sustainability of companies and institutions.

In 2022 we installed a photovoltaic panel system that allows us to produce energy and reduce our supply from external suppliers by more than 60%. Our results:

  • 111 MWh self-produced electricity
  • 46,925 kg CO2 emissions saved
  • 1,401 equivalent trees planted.
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